Desperation is running high in Portland


The Portland Trail Blazers have found themselves in a position of win or go home. Desperation is running high as they attempt to find an answer to come away with a victory.

Game 3 was a tale of two halves that began as an energetic run by Portland. Their defense was swarming, the ball was moving and shots were falling. However, we saw a completely different team in the second half who played the exact opposite of how they did in the 1st. Ball movement became stale and turnovers became prevalent which ultimately turned into basket after basket for the Golden State Warriors. As Golden State made their way back, the spunk that Portland had early on quickly began to fade. Their attempt at hero ball didn’t pan out in their favor and it resulted in a devastating loss.

The Portland Trail Blazers need to put it all together for a full 48 minutes if they plan on coming back and making this a series. No team has ever come back down 3-0 in the NBA Playoffs but we’ve seen miracles before (i.e. 2016 NBA Finals). We’ve seen what the Trail Blazers are capable of when they’re playing at their best. But that’s what separates good teams from great teams. The great teams know how to put it together for a full game and come out with a win. All the cards were in Portland’s favor with Kevin Durant, Matt Barnes, Shaun Livingston, and Steve Kerr all missing time with injury. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson struggled from the field and it still resulted in a Portland loss.

Game 4 may require the Trail Blazers to try some things that they haven’t done before. The Warriors have backed them into a corner where they can either scratch and claw to get out or just lay down. It’s all up to the Portland Trail Blazers to play at their full potential to turn this series around.


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