VIDEO: DeMarcus Cousins dominates with 37 points and 20 rebounds in win over the Nuggets


A twenty-twenty night just wasn’t enough for DeMarcus Cousins, so he decided to get 37 and 20 to combine with four blocks. Everything was going well for him, he shot 60% from the floor and got his 9th career double-double with 20 or more points and rebounds. The Nuggets had nothing to stop him and Danilo Gallinari was well aware of this.

“(Cousins) dominated us and we couldn’t stop him. I guess we are going to have to do something differently the next time we see them. We have to do something.”

Rajon Rondo messed around and ALMOST had a triple-double with 24 points, 10 rebounds, and nine assists. He helped the Kings control the game and it ultimately led to their victory. 


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