VIDEO: Damian Lillard drops 51 and hands Warriors their 5th loss


Damian Lillard was feeling it last night, dropping a career-high 51 points as well as seven assists and six steals. This could be a start of his redemption trail after getting snubbed from the All-Star game. The Trail Blazers grabbed a lead early and never looked back as it turned into Golden State’s worst lost of the season, with a score of 137-105. 

Steph Curry tried to answer Lillard’s hot night with his 31 points, but it just wasn’t enough. Golden State’s kryptonite was well and alive last night and it ultimately took them out of the game. The Warriors ended the game with 20 turnovers and that held them from getting into any type of rhythm.  Portland seemed to be hot from the field for the entirety of the game, shooting 53.6% from the field and a whopping 56.7% from three. The hot shooting combined with turnovers from the Warriors definitely frustrated Curry and company. Although it was a bad loss for the Warriors, it reminds them of what they need to work on. 


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