Chris Paul cried after Game 5 loss to OKC



Game 5 of last season’s Western Conference semifinals was a painfully deciding factor in the series and a nightmare for Chris Paul. The Los Angeles Clippers’ seven-point lead over the Oklahoma City Thunder was lost in under 50 seconds, largely due to an uncharacteristic display of turnovers and dexision-making from Paul.

Talking to the LA Times‘ Ben Bolch, Paul says he still thinks of the game four months later:

It would be lying to you to say I’d forgotten about it, [Paul said during a break on set]. It’s one of those things that I don’t want to forget, to tell you the truth. I think for me, I feel like you have to remember things like that and therefore you don’t want that feeling again. I know I don’t.

Bolch writes that Paul was devastated and cried after that game. Oklahoma City went on to beat the Clippers in Game 6.

Paul, Doc Rivers, and the Clippers basketball team made a huge leap last season. Aside from the Donald Sterling fiasco, basketball-wise this team can still improve its formidability. Adding some depth this summer and another year with Doc will have to be enough for the proclaimed best point guard in the league to reach his title aspirations.




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