Reports: Taj Gibson not happy about coming off Chicago's bench


0d2a8c0106e207894d1fbee899ddc3c5_crop_northGibson is not thrilled about coming off the Bulls bench.

According to a report from CSN Chicago, energetic Bulls forward Taj Gibson is not happy about the fact that he will most likely remain a reserve on the roster,

Privately, Gibson isn’t too thrilled with the prospect of continuing to be a reserve, according to multiple people familiar with the situation, but the upbeat, team-first player values winning and chemistry too much to make it an issue or distraction. Furthermore, being an underdog his entire basketball career, it could serve as motivation and help him thrive, building upon last year’s bounce-back campaign and improvement as a scorer, which came after a disappointing, injury-riddled season immediately following a long-term contract extension with the Bulls on Halloween 2012.

The 29-year-old made a noticeable case for the primary power forward spot last season, but the Bulls signed Pau Gasol in free agency this summer. It would be expected that Gasol will start alongside All-Star center Joakim Noah in the front court, moving Gibson to a back-up role once again.

Granted, Gasol is an upgrade over Gibson’s old competition in Carlos Boozer. The Bulls have Gibson to lead their more stout second unit featuring rookie Doug McDermott, and his defensive ability is certainly invaluable to Tom Thibodeau. If Gibson is prepared to perform his role it only speaks further to the depth and assets of the Chicago Bulls this season.


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