Chasing History: A look at the Golden State Warriors final 12 games


72 and 10. Those two numbers are drilled into the heads of every Warriors player, NBA player and fan around the world. 72-10 was the 1996 Chicago Bulls record. That is the best record in NBA History.

The 2016 Golden State Warriors are on pace to beat that record. As much as they want to admit they aren’t thinking about it, we all know they are. They are 63-7 with 12 games remaining this season. A 10-2 record or better would change the history books. 

The Warriors start tonight against the Los Angeles Clippers. The Clippers have played well against the Warriors this season, but lost all three games by an average of 4.7 points. This is the Warriors toughest game outside their two towards the end of the season against the San Antonio Spurs. They can’t afford a loss knowing the Spurs have the personnel to defeat them. The rival Clippers would love to get into the Warriors heads. Luckily it’s home.

Next is Friday at home is against the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavericks defeat the Warriors 114-91 in late December. J.J. Barea scored 23 points and Stephen Curry didn’t play. Stephen Curry will play Friday but Chandler Parsons will not. The Warriors won their other two match-ups by an average of 19 points. Dallas has also lost seven of nine. 

Then Sunday is home against the Philadelphia 76ers. No further explanation. 

Starting Tuesday is the Warriors first doubleheader to end the season. They play home against the Washington Wizards and on the road against the Utah Jazz. The Wizards are winners of their last five and sit 1.5 games out of the Eastern Conference Playoffs. Golden State defeat Washington on the road by 13 in early February. The Jazz are winners of five of six and sit o.5 games out of the Western Conference Playoffs. Golden State has won all three games against Utah this season, but only won by three in Utah. Minus San Antonio, Washinton and Utah are the caliber of team Golden State as lost to this season. 

To start April, the Warriors host the Boston Celtics. The Celtics are the only NBA team to bring the Warriors into double overtime. Boston is a streaky team aiming in the wrong direction. Their only wins in the last six games are against the Philadelphia 76ers and Orlando Magic. The Celtics matchup well with the Warriors and better hope the Celtics don’t kick back into gear once Jae Crowder returns. 

April 3 is a home game against the Portland Trail Blazers. The Trail Blazers are another team who defeat the Warriors earlier this season. Damian Lillard shot 9-12 from the three point line with a career-high 51 points. Recently, Portland has lost seven of ten. Stephen Curry should watch Celtics vs. Trail Blazers game tape to continue their downward spiral.  

After the Trail Blazers the Warriors host the Minnesota Timberwolves. No further explanation. 

This is where the pressure rises. Two of the Warriors final four games are against both the Spurs and Memphis Grizzlies. It starts home against the Spurs where the Warriors demolished them by 30 on Jan. 25. They then travel to Memphis to start their final doubleheader of the season. The Grizzlies are the most injured team in basketball and lost five of the last seven. The final game of the doubleheader is in San Antonio. The Warriors lost there on Saturday and the Spurs will look to go undefeated at home. To end the season, the Warriors host the Grizzlies. With history on the line, no explanation needed. 

This is a very Warriors friendly schedule to end the season. They may have to travel to San Antonio, but 75% of their remaining schedule is home. Dallas, Philadelphia, Boston, Portland, Minnesota and Memphis are all heading in the wrong direction. The Warriors play those six teams a combined seven times to end the season. Unless something tragic happens, get ready to update the history books. 



L @ San Antonio

Undefeated record at home



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