Charles Oakley Doesn’t Know If He’ll Reconcile With Knicks, Dolan


During a Knicks game two years ago, former Knick legend, Charles Oakley was dragged out of a Knicks game by MSG security.

He was then dragged out in handcuffs by NYPD while yelling:

“Dolan did this! Dolan did this!” “This is bulls—! Let me go! Let me go!”


The Dolan Oakley was referring to was Knicks owner James Dolan.”

Oakley was reportedly banned for a year from Madison Square Garden.

After the ban, ones gotta wonder, will he ever reconcile with the Knicks? “Idon’t know about that one,” he told me.

“Right now we’re still in court. I mean you saw what happened, that would be tough for anyone. It was wrong, what happened. It just…sh– happened like it did in the 60s, 50s and 40s, it aint changed. They’ve got cameras so don’t give me that ‘oh, things will get better.’ No it ain’t gonna get better. The light is just getting brighter.”

Oakley was an enforcer during his Knicks hey-day in the 90s. For some 20-somethings, like my sister, that Knicks debacle was the first impression of Oakley.

How does he want to be seen to newcomers?

“I came from Chicago to NY, gave it all my guts on the court,” Oakley told me.

“A guy who played with a lot of heart and loved to treat and respect people on and off the court. Be a leader, be a professional.”


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