Top candidates to replace Brett Brown for the Philadelphia 76ers

Brett Brown

Brett Brown has officially been relieved of his coaching duties in Philadelphia. Many people have been waiting for this day to come and many more expected it after a dismal performance during the Sixers stay inside the bubble.

Brown wrote an interesting goodbye letter to the city and the organization on his way out. I say interesting because if you look at who he mentioned and didn’t mention in the letter, it says a lot about who he held in high regard and who he didn’t.

Let’s all take a second to be honest with ourselves, throughout Brett Brown’s tenure, he was never truly given the pieces he needed to win a championship. The best team he had to seriously make noise came just a few bounces short of possibly getting to the Finals. That’s just a matter of being unlucky.

The Sixers gave Brown 102 different players and three different general managers during his tenure. There was never a time of consistency and the team-building around Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid has been nothing short of head-scratching.

That being said, there were also times that he was outcoached. During his two different playoff series against the Boston Celtics, Brown was often outcoached by Brad Stevens. He also took his licks against Nick Nurse too. Which, in retrospect, isn’t terrible considering they’re both Coach of the Year candidates every season.

In the end, Brett Brown was the odd man out as the team underachieved yet again. So, it’s time to take a look at his replacement. The rumored early favorite is Tyronn Lue, but I had some other coaches in mind. See the video below to hear my thoughts!

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