The Atlantic Files Ep157 – Fire the Philadelphia 76ers Front Office

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In this crazy year that we call 2020, a lot can happen in just a week or two. The last time we talked, while the world wasn’t much better, there was still basketball going on. Now, the players and teams are protesting due to another senseless killing. On top of that, we’ve had teams get eliminated from the playoffs and coaches get the ax.

All of the teams in the bubble decided to protest by not playing their games starting last night into the foreseeable future. They did vote to keep the season going, but we just don’t know when it will resume just yet. Further showing that Kyrie Irving was quite right in his statements about why he wasn’t going to the bubble.

In lesser news, Nate McMillan and Brett Brown have both been relieved of their coaching duties for their respective teams. This catapults the Philadelphia 76ers into a weird situation as they have a brand new General Manager in Elton Brand that will have to conduct probably the most important coaching search in the team’s recent history. This should be a juicy story after it all shakes out.

Then, we have the playoff series to recap where the Boston Celtics and the Toronto Raptors both swept their opponents right on out of the bubble. The 76ers put up a fight while the Brooklyn Nets, who also are looking for a coach, seemed to just take the onslaught of the Raptors.

That and more on the latest episode below!


2:15 – Player protests and Black Lives Matter

6:40 – Coaching searches around the league

12:40 – Brett Brown is gone, who should replace him?

29:30 – Brooklyn Nets rumored to be looking at Popovich

33:30 – Toronto Raptors and Brooklyn Nets Playoff series

38:15 – Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers series


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