The Atlantic Files Ep159 – Talking Steve Nash with Mike Bash

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The Brooklyn Nets hit us all with an out of the box move as they announced Steve Nash as their newest head coach. Some people say its white privilege that is to blame for him being hired, but most people realize that he has quite the resume to qualify him for the job.

In this week’s episode, we welcome Mike Bash back to the show to talk about the Nash hiring and some moves that the Nets should make this offseason.

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are two guys who only benefit from the Nash hiring. Steve Nash has an incredible basketball IQ and he can command accountability from the team as he once did on the court during his playing career.

One question going into next season is whether or not the Nets can win a ring with Caris LeVert as the third option or if they need to upgrade. Mike and I talk about potential trade targets and who might be better than others to fit with Durant and Irving.

Before the conversation with Mike, we had to talk about the crazy Toronto Raptors and Boston Celtics series. Game Six was just one game in a long line of super close and physical games between the two teams. Now that the Raptors have forced a game seven, the series is only going to be more entertaining.

All of those topics and more on the latest episode below!


1:15 – Boston Celtics vs Toronto Raptors series

3:30 – Props to Kyle Lowry

8:18 – Conversation with Mike Bash

8:45 – Is Steve Nash’s hiring the right move?

17:45 – Should the Nets trade Caris LeVert?

28:30 – Will the Nets be able to sign Joe Harris again?

33:00 – Remembering funny bubble moments

36:45 – How will the rest of the playoffs play out?

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