Basketball Society’s Junior Spotlight: Isiah Lockhart

Junior Phenom 100 brought out impressive talent over the weekend. Isiah Lockhart is an impressive player with high upside, check out his bio!

Isiah Lockhart

Hometown: Greensboro

Height: 5’0″

Age: 10

Team: Bull City Nets

Isiah is a hustle hard player with solid shooting ability. His shooting ability makes him stand out on the court as he has to be accounted for at all times. Recently at a Made Hoops Event, he couldn’t miss from beyond the arc. He finished with 20 points against Dream Chasers United, shooting 6-7 from beyond the arc!

Once his shot gets going his confidence grows, it is seen on both sides of the court as he can become a scrappy defender. Whether it is diving for loose balls, making the correct defensive shifts when necessary, or communicating on the court. He does it all. He’s a very passionate player, which can work in his favor and sometimes against.

The Greensboro native will have to progress with his ball handling to open up his offensive game and his playmaking ability. Once his playmaking ability improves, his overall game will do the same. As he gets older his lateral quickness will progress, so his defensive ability will rise right along with that.

His ceiling is still quite unknown, but it will be interesting to watch him progress this season on the circuit!

Follow Isiah on Instagram @isiah_lockhart2026


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