Class of 2023 guard Madison Mims of Team Hicks stealing the show at USBA Nationals

Madison Mims
Photo via: Alex Fischbein/Basketball Society

Watching Class of 2023 guard Madison Mims of Team Hicks blitz through defenses has been one of my greatest pleasures during my week in Raleigh, North Carolina to cover the USBA Nationals.

Mims specializes in giving the defense variety, and we’ve yet to see a defense equipped to thwart off her attacks.

Whether it’s breaking down traps and double-teams with crafty dribbling exhibitions, barreling her way to the hoop as she absorbs contact and converts an and-one, or sizing up her defender and hitting them with a smooth step-back jumper, she’s got a deep bag offensively. Determined, but rarely ever deterred.

We even saw her break out a baby Shammgod during one of Team Hicks’ blowout victories earlier in the tournament.

Let’s put it like this: if the ball is in Mims’ hands, a basket seems imminent by possessions end.

But let’s not get it twisted, Mims isn’t interested in hoarding all of the glory for herself. She understands the importance of keeping her teammates engaged and involved and finds a healthy balance between getting hers and making sure her other girls are eating as well.

When asked about what the best part of competing in Nationals has been thus far, she quickly mentioned that getting to spread the wealth amongst her teammates has been one of her greatest joys while on the court.

“I’m glad I’m getting to share with my teammates,” Mims stated after an electric performance that led her Team Hicks squad to a 61-50 victory over Cap City Clutch.

Team Hicks currently sits at 3-0 in pool play, with most of their victories falling under the umbrella of lopsided. Mims thinks that her team’s ability to outmaneuver their adversaries athletically has been a huge reason as to why they’ve been able to successfully assert themselves in their first string of games.

“We’re quick, with a lot of small guards and we’re able to be athletic. We get a lot of layups off the dribble and in transition.”

Aside from capturing a championship at Nationals, Mims plans to use the rest of the summer to recalibrate some areas of her game, most notably her shooting.

“Something I want to improve on is my shooting. I plan on working on my shot for the last few months of the summer so it can help me during the upcoming season.”

As for now, Mims remains in the moment. She embraces the competition here at Nationals, as it makes her eager to get better as she pivots towards the high school level.

Team Hicks is slated to play the B3 bracket winner, as their undefeated record has them stationed as a No. 1 seed in the C Divison for bracket play.

They may be propped up as the favorite in the 8th-grade girl’s division, but there are two other undefeated squads that may prove to be stiff competition when it’s all said and done.

This may be the first time you’re hearing of Madison Mims, but if she continues on the hoops trajectory she’s on, it certainly won’t be the last.


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