VIDEO: Interviews with players, coaches at 2019 USBA Nationals

USBA Nationals
Photo via: Basketball Society

Basketball Society’s BJ Boyer got the chance to walk around USBA Nationals at the Raleigh Convention Center in North Carolina and talk to both players and coaches about their experience at the tournament and what the overall environment and vibe was like.

Interviewees included players from North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, and Tennesee as well as a coach from Lousiana. The overall tournament hosted over 500 boys and girls teams this year from all over the world.

Many cited winning as their main goal in the tournament, while others stated that they wanted to focus, have fun and play team-oriented basketball.

It was a pleasure to see young athletes conduct themselves in such a professional manner, with many seeming already prepared for interview scenarios they may encounter as their hoops careers continue to advance.


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