The Atlantic Files Ep141: Southeast Division preview

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The worst division of the NBA weathered a lot of strange happenings last season. The Southeast Division had one playoff team that squeaked in and wasn’t much of a competitor come playoff time.

Aaron Gordon, Nikola Vucevic, and the Orlando Magic added Markelle Fultz near the end of last season and ended up making the postseason. They’ll look to get big seasons from Fultz and their own sophomore Mo Bamba.

Washington is in an odd situation with John Wall still out and Bradley Beal looking to be another one-man wrecking crew. Which is the same thing that Terry Rozier will try to be, but at a lesser level.

That brings us two teams who look promising and exciting. The Miami Heat and Atlanta Hawks. One of them is filled with some young talent that can fill up the scoreboard and the other one is stocked full of the old guard looking to make some noise.

Mike and Alex break it all down in the full episode below!

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Topic Rundown:

2:00 – Division review of 2018-19 season

5:30 – Orlando Magic

13:50 – Charlotte Hornets

18:30 – Miami Heat

23:15 – Washington Wizards

31:00 – Atlanta Hawks

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