The Atlantic Files Ep140: Pacific Division preview

The Atlantic Files
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The Pacific Division, other than maybe the Atlantic, has been the most talked-about division this off-season. So, Mike and Alex had to welcome Society brother, BJ Boyer of the Lakers Lair podcast, to the show to talk some west coast basketball.

Anthony Davis, Kawhi Leonard, and Paul George are all entering Los Angeles with the same hopes for different teams. Davis comes to join LeBron James on the Lakers while Leonard and George are joining forces in the same building with the Clippers.

Oh, did we mention that D’Angelo Russell is also entering the division to join the three-time champs Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson? Then, sprinkle on top a young and rising Sacramento Kings team with a Phoenix Suns team that contains some serious offensive talent.

Yeah, this season is going to be fun in the Pacific. Hear the full episode below!

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Topic Rundown:

1:30 – Thoughts of the Pacific from last season

6:15 – Phoenix Suns

15:50 – Los Angeles Lakers

32:00 – BJ and Mike make a bet on the Lakers and Brooklyn Nets

36:30 – Sacramento Kings

44:00 – Los Angeles Clippers

54:30 – Golden State Warriors

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