The Atlantic Files Ep131: NBA Free Agency ft ScoopB

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The NBA Draft has come and gone. Next on the summer list is NBA Free Agency! This one has been one of the most anticipated in quite a while as everyone waits to see if the entire landscape of the league is shifted to some new type of super team!

This week, Senior Writer at Basketball Society and, and host of the ScoopB Radio Podcast, Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson, joins us on the show. He drops knowledge and gives us some inside scoops on the impending free agents and where they might go. Check out the topic list below and the full episode as well!

Topic Rundown:

2:10 – Free Agents linked to Los Angeles Clippers

5:10 – 76ers trying to replace Landry Shamet/His importance to LAC

7:00 – Rumors around D’Angelo Russell to Phoenix and the draft day trade

11:20 – Who will be coming to the Brooklyn Nets

14:30 – Tobias Harris likes playing in Philly

16:55 – Kyrie and KD’s great relationship

19:00 – Sixers should be looking at Kemba?

24:30 – If Kemba teams up with stars, his brand gets bigger

26:00 – Dallas a dark-horse in free agency

28:10 – Horford a Spurs or Jazz type of player?

33:00 – Is KD down to a two-team decision?

35:00 – Kyrie has no interest in the Knicks

36:45 – Jabari Parker’s free agency options

39:55 – Julius Randle smart for opting out

41:30 – Is Zion going to be the best from this draft?

43:30 – Could Harrison Barnes be a FA steal?

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