The Atlantic Files Episode 123: Philadelphia 76ers and Brooklyn Nets Battle

The Atlantic Files
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When the Philadelphia 76ers drew a first-round match-up against the Brooklyn Nets, the Atlantic Files was bound to never be the same. Some will cheer, some will cry, but no one will come out of this the same person they were before! Okay, that’s probably just a little bit of an exaggeration, but there is definitely a lot of pride on the line. Also, friend of the show, Dennis Clausen of RotoBaller, joins the show again!

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If you tuned in to the last episode where Mike and Alex previewed the NBA Playoffs, you also would have heard them talk about a bet that was brewing. Obviously, with Mike being the Brooklyn supporter and Alex being the Philly supporter, they had to put some pride on the line for their teams. In this episode, the details of the bet come to light!

After a much needed explosion in Game Two, the 76ers tied the series up at one game a piece as they head to Brooklyn. The guys all agree that Brett Brown is on the hot seat, so the adjustments he makes are going to continually be under a microscope.

Looking at the other teams in the Atlantic, the Boston Celtics grabbed a somewhat “easy” win in Game One. The Toronto Raptors, however, dropped their first game to the Orlando Magic and had to get back on track in Game Two.

Listen to the full episode above to hear Mike, Alex, and Dennis’s thoughts and complaints about the Atlantic Playoff teams!


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