Who are the best shooters in the NBA?

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The ability to put the ball in the hoop is a pure form of art. There are multiple ways that it can be done but more specifically, to have the talent to be able to shoot the ball is something special.

We live in a shooter’s world where shooting is at the forefront of all of basketball. Every team is looking for shooters at every position. So much so that if you can’t shoot the ball, your time in the league might be limited. However, we’re here to highlight some of the best that we have in the game today so here’s our list:

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is easily the best shooter in the NBA today if not the best shooter the sport of basketball has ever seen. He’s been the igniter to the new wave of how the game is played today. Curry has been a trendsetter and a game changer for the sport of basketball and his influence on the youth has been tremendous regardless of if you think it’s for better or for worse.

We’ve never seen a player who’s been a threat as soon as they pass half court. This guy has the ultimate green light that every shooter dreams of. When it comes to the most three-pointers made in a season, Curry holds four of the top five slots. The two-time MVP is one of the biggest threats out on the floor even when he doesn’t have the ball which is a true sign of how deadly his shot is. I don’t think anyone would debate Curry taking hold of the number one slot.

Klay Thompson

Of course, coming in at number two is Curry’s ‘splash brother’, Klay Thompson. One half of the best backcourt in the NBA, Thompson has a picture perfect jump-shot. When it comes to form, balance, and release, Thompson is textbook. If there’s one guy you want to mirror your shot after it’s definitely him.

The record holder for most three-pointers made in a game as well as the most points scored in a quarter, Thompson has the stats to back him up. The catch and shoot ability combined with the quick release that this guy contains is something special which is why he’s so high on the list.

JJ Redick

J.J. Redick has been known as a deadly sniper ever since his days back at Cameron Indoor Stadium. He’s still putting in that work today as a key component for the surging Philadelphia 76ers. In their 51 wins this regular season, Redick averaged 18.1 points shooting 39.7 percent from three.

Where he’s really made a killing is coming off of screens and more specifically hand-offs. Defenses have not figured out how to stop the Joel Embiid, Redick hand-off and they’re making teams pay on a nightly basis.

What’s special about Redick is that he doesn’t take long to get set. Whether he’s coming off of a screen or running full speed on a fast break, Redick gets his feet set, body square and the shot is money.

Kevin Durant

Crazy as kept, many don’t think about Kevin Durant as a great shooter because he’s helmed as one of the best scorers to play the game. However, when it comes to shooting the ball he’s as good as it gets. With joining the Warriors, Durant’s shooting abilities were really brought to the forefront. In OKC, we saw him play the role as shot creator but Golden State put him into a system where we could see him catch and shoot and use his superb shooting ability as an asset.

The thing that makes Durant so great is his efficiency. He has shot over 50 percent from the field during his past seven seasons which is rare from a guy who shoots as much as he does. His accuracy and precision have been so on point, we’ve seen Coach Steve Kerr rave about it.

The defending Finals MVP is entering scary territory where he’s realizing that less is more. During a recent regular season five-game winning streak, his shooting percentages are as follows: 100, 69.2, 71.4, 50.0, and 85.7. Durant’s foot quickness combined with his high point of release gets him any shot that he desires. Efficiency and shot selection come in strong for Durant’s selection as a top shooter.

Kyle Korver

Kyle Korver comes in fifth to round out the best shooters list. He is fourth on the all-time three-pointers made list right behind Curry with 2,351 three-pointers made. In his 16-year career, Korver has solidified himself as a staple amongst the best shooters debate. He’s a career 44.3 percent shooter from the field and 42.9 percent behind the arc. He’s a three-point specialist that you can’t dare leave open. Korver’s shooting ability has kept his career on-going as any championship contenders would love to add him to their arsenal. There’s not many that have been quite as consistent as he has.

Despite Korver’s career dwindling down, the longevity and consistency of his shooting is why he couldn’t be forgotten. Regardless of whether he’s the player he once was, you better believe that Korver can still shoot that ball.

Honorable Mentions:

James Harden

On the outside looking in is James Harden. He’s had one of the best offensive seasons that the NBA has ever seen. A lot of his impact has come from his outside shooting. With a move that defenders are still trying to figure out, he’s been deadly. He crept up on Curry for his single season three-point record and has also broken the top ten list of all-time three-pointers made. Similar to Durant, Harden is placed in that scorer’s category rather than the shooting category but with what he’s done the past couple of years, especially this year, it’s only right that he’s in the discussion.

Joe Harris

Joe Harris surprised the world with his three-point contest victory over Curry during All-Star weekend. His name isn’t one that pops off the page but when you watch him shoot and look at his numbers, you see why Harris is in consideration. The five-year forward is a floor stretcher for the rising Brooklyn Nets. Harris knows his role and plays it well. At 50 percent from the field and 47.4 percent from three, Harris is a guy to keep an eye on because if left open, he will make you pay.


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