The Atlantic Files Ep118: NBA Playoff Race

The Atlantic Files
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The NBA Playoff race is heating up and some teams are already clinching playoff spots! In the East, we have the top record in the league and two teams with clinched spots while in the West, there’s still a tight race going on from top to bottom.

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This week on the Atlantic Files, Alex and Mike take a look at the playoff race so far and compare it to their expectations from the beginning of the season.

I’m sticking with my gut, there will be a championship in the mile high city! – Mike

Mike’s big prediction from the beginning of the season was that the Denver Nuggets would be the one to end the Golden State Dynasty. They are right on the heels of the Warriors and very well could give them a run for their money.

In the East, Alex and Mike both believe that Milwaukee is the third favorite to represent the conference in the Finals. They both believe that Boston and Toronto should be ahead of them in everyone’s minds.

Listen to the full episode above to hear their full thoughts on everything playoff race related!


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