The Atlantic Files Episode 90: If healthy, the next Western Conference Power will be the Denver Nuggets, says Mike Bash

The Atlantic Files
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The Atlantic Files is back again with a brand new, permanent, co-host! Mike Bash, previously the Brooklyn Nets correspondent of the show, is the new co-host moving forward and we’re glad to have him! This week’s episode of The Atlantic Files features some of the best free agency signings, draft trade outcomes, and summer league standouts.

When it comes to free agency, we all know LeBron James went to Los Angeles. Mike and Alex take a look at the best signings that were not named LeBron James. Also, who were some of the best underrated signings that not many fans have been talking about?

Tyreke Evans
Credit: Clark Wade/IndyStar

During the NBA Draft, we all saw some trades go down. The Atlanta Hawks landed Trae Young, the Dallas Mavericks landed Luka Doncic, and the Phoenix Suns landed Mikal Bridges. So which trades were the best and which were the worst? Will Summer League tell us the answers, or will we have to wait to see who the real “winner” really is?

Listen to the full episode below!

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