Allen Iverson didn’t trust his teammates as much as Tim Duncan did says former Spur, Sixer


Speedy Claxton Talked Allen Iverson and Tim Duncan on Scoop B Radio. Press Play Below To Listen! 

Allen Iverson was probably one of the most entertaining players post-Jordan era.

The crossover dribble on MJ before he retired for the second time is a classic AI moment. The eleven time All Star and 2001 league MVP also carried the Sixers to the NBA Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers and memorably stepped over Ty Lue after breaking his ankles. The NBA’s rookie of the year shared a bond with the City of Brotherly Love that can never be broken, he also won the hearts of many NBA fans at large.

It could easily be said, however, that Tim Duncan carried the torch of league ambassador after Jordan’s second retirement. Duncan could also easily be argued as the best power forward to have played the game and he has the hardware to support that assertion too. A 15-time NBA All Star, Duncan has five NBA championships and two NBA MVP awards.

One retired NBA player has played with both: Speedy Claxton.

“Iverson was so talented that he didn’t really trust in his teammates as much as Tim Duncan did,” Speedy Claxton told me on Scoop B Radio.

“Tim knew that he was going to need teammates in order to win at a high level. Whereas A.I. [would say] if these dudes aren’t hitting shots, I’m going to take more shots, because I believe in myself more than these guys.”

Currently an assistant coach at Hofstra University, Claxton says he enjoyed his time with both players as a Sixer and as a Spur. “They’re both great players,” he said.

“To do what A.I. did; his stature was unbelievable.”


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