Accountability is a key trait in becoming a great basketball player

LeBron James Basketball

Accountability goes a long way in basketball. It’s a trait that can transition a player into a leader. It’s something that’s needed when a team is looking to contend at the championship level. It’s always easy to point the blame at someone else and critique what they did or didn’t do.

But when a player looks at himself in the mirror and acknowledges their own flaws, that’s when they evolve and begin to turn that corner. Just a simple “my fault” on a bad pass or a blown assignment can go a long way. Bad teams blame each other but good teams take accountability for their actions.

However, there’s a second part to this process that we cannot forget about. The evolution just doesn’t stop at the accountability factor. The next step is the player learning from his/her slip-up and not making it again. Yes, it’s great that you owned your mistake but if you didn’t learn anything from it and you continue to do the same thing then it doesn’t help yourself or your team.

It’s important to run through the process of what happened, why did it happen and how can you prevent it from occurring again. We all make mistakes. That’s just human nature but when you take accountability of your mistake, learn from it and do everything in your will power not to make that same mistake again then you evolve as a basketball player and also as a person.


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