2-4 Tuesday: Kobe and the Kings

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bean Bryant… Arguably one of the most polarizing basketball players of the modern era. Our 2-4 Tuesdays segment is dedicated to everything Kobe. Best Games, moments, dunks, you name it!

2001- The Los Angeles Lakers have the Sacramento Kings (Queens if you ask Shaq) on the ropes, up 3 Games to 0 in their heated Western Conference Semi Finals Series. Shaquille O’Neal has been nothing short of spectacular. Kobe Bryant has matched Shaq tit for tat. What would happen in Game 4 still resonates to me as arguably Kobe Bryant’s finest playoff game of his career. 48 Points… CHECK.. 16 Rebounds… CHECK… 15/29 from the field. Only one 3 Pointer taken(made it), so this was vintage mid-range #8. Oh, did i mention this was on the road, in arguably the toughest place to play on the road at that time (Arco Arena). With the cowbells ringing and the hecklers in rare form, Kobe Bean Bryant cemented his legacy once and for all. So much for being the second fiddle right?? Maybe Shaq wasn’t fibbing when he proclaimed Kobe the best player in the world in 2001.


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