Zeke Nnaji – Hidden Gem Hooper – 11/14/19

Zeke Nnaji
Ty DeLong

Zeke Nnaji was the 49th ranked player in ESPN’s top 100 in the 2019 Class. To say that he has already outplayed his ranking is an understatement.

In Zeke’s first 2 games, he shot a combined 18/24 from the field against Northern Arizona and the University of Illinois. In his third game last night against San Jose State, he outdid himself.

Zeke Nnaji finished with 26 points on 8/8 shooting, 11 rebounds, and 10/12 shooting from the free throw line. He only played 21 minutes of action as his dominance in the first half and in the middle of the second half, allowed for him to get some rest on the bench.

Zeke has been a menace in the paint offensively and no one has really seemed to slow him down yet. That is one of the reasons why we named him our Hidden Gem Hooper of the Night.

Arizona’s schedule will certainly get tougher as the Pac 12 is primed for a major comeback year, but don’t expect that to hamper Nnaji in anyway. Continue to keep both eyes on Zeke Nnaji this season.


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