What’s next for the Chicago Bulls?

Chicago Bulls


The Chicago Bulls fell short to the Cleveland Cavaliers getting blown out in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference semifinals; but the question is, where do they go from here? There have been ongoing rumors that head coach Tom Thibodeau and the Bulls would separate after this season due to consistent tension between Thibs and upper management. However, after the way they went out on their home court against a Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving-less Cavalier team, a change is definitely necessary.

Thibodeau stats

The Bulls have been a force on the defensive end behind Thibodeau’s effective schemes, but over the years it seems all they needed was more of an offensive punch. This year they received Pau Gasol and I thought that was the missing piece, but that wasn’t enough. Their defense was not up to it’s usual standards and the offense that I expected to do well was a let down when it mattered most. Despite having Derrick Rose back, to go along with the great year of Pau Gasol and the Most Improved Player of the Year in Jimmy Butler emerging, their offense was very stagnant. We saw a lot of standing around in the series against the Cavaliers as most of their possessions were watching Rose and Butler go one-on-one.

Bulls possible head coaches
Some of the potential new head coaches for the Bulls.


I would love to see the Bulls keep Coach Thibodeau because I believe he is a good coach. I feel that they could hire someone that has a great offensive mind and scheme to co-exist as the assistant coach. Like we see in football, I would let Thibs handle the defense while the assistant focused on offense. The players of Chicago believe in him and they fully buy in to what he preaches as a coach. The Bulls in my opinion just need offense, offense, and more offense. Another shooter wouldn’t hurt, but they also have a player on the bench in Doug McDermott who has the capability to stretch the floor that hasn’t seen much playing time. So it’s all about an offensive scheme that suits them well and gives them some type of motion. Also, Chicago’s front office must do their best to try and re-sign Jimmy Butler. Losing him would be devastating and if they have any hopes of overcoming the juggernaut of Cleveland, so keeping Butler should definitely be in their best interest.


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