What type of leader are you?



There are two types of leaders in the world: vocal leaders that can verbally lead a group of people and then there are those that lead by example. In the game of basketball, every great team has a leader, whether they lead by words or by action. Some even have both, but to be a successful team, there has to be a leader present to get their teammates playing at a high level. According to the Webster Dictionary, a leader is defined as:

A person who has commanding authority or influence

dsc_6292A verbal leader has the ability to use his words to instruct and motivate others. Coaches are often looked at as the main leader because they have the authority, but on the court generals are needed as well. Players relate to other players and to have a guy that can communicate to others in a manner that’s not detrimental, and have great knowledge of the game is a huge asset. Leading isn’t always telling someone what to do, it can be in a way of giving advice on or off the court, helping a teammate with a play, or just calling up your best scorer that’s in a slump to tell him/her to, “keep shooting, we need you out there.”

Those little things go a long way and help unite a team.

kawhi-leonard hustle_0When I think of a player that leads by example, I think of someone who puts everything they have on the court, whether it’s a game or practice. Leading by example inspires and motivates others to play just as hard. There’s nothing like playing next to a guy that you know is going to pour his heart out on the court. And the leadership begins in practice — they’re in the gym before everyone and the last one to leave. They run every sprint hard, work hard in every drill, and relay the same effort in a game.

Leading can be done in multiple ways and it’s all up to you to decide what type of leader you want to be. Every team needs a leader and if you feel you have what it takes, don’t be afraid to step up to the plate.

You can lead vocally or lead by action? What type of leader will you be?


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