Believe me, It Won’t Be Easy



Believe me, it won’t be easy. You can take this article as you may and apply it to whatever situation you are in. 

I was a freshman in college 190 lbs 5’9 with not an ounce of muscle on my body. I needed to make a lifestyle change for not only the betterment of my overall health, but my overall quality of life. I had always been some what active but never even close to as active as I am today. I decided to change the way I THOUGHT, LIVED, AND SPENT THE FREE HOURS of alone time that I had on my hands. 

That free time I used wisely changed me into who I am today. I spent the long hours of that following summer developing myself into who I am today. An hour and a half to two hours a day in the gym really made me realize what hard work was because I had never really done much of it on my own. I had always been apart of team sports growing up so the individual factor didn’t resonate as much as it did when I had to do all of the hard work myself. I didn’t realize how much in life I had been selling myself short, and it was time to end that. 

Believe me, it won’t be easy, but will be worth it in the end.  
You ask how this applies to basketball? Well, just like myself, most kids in high school will be faced with temptations everyday, most of the temptations can, and mostly likely will throw that person off the train tracks that are leading them to their end goals.

STAY AWAY FROM THOSE TEMPTATIONS! Instead, have the mindset of this guy!

Most of your hard work will be done alone when no one is around to help you. Learn to embrace this. When you go to work on your game, go alone. Make sure no one is there. Turn off your cellphone. Get music going, and get in your zone. These are the times when you learn who you really are and it will show how much you really want the end goal. Notice LeBron and Jordan in those pictures, they are working to grow their body by themselves. They know that no one wants success more than themselves, and that is the best mindset you can have.

Be mindful that self-discipline is key in all of this. If you don’t have self-discipline than you’ll never achieve the end goal. Develop that discipline and you will be defeating half the battle. 

Believe me, it’s won’t be easy, but will be worth it in the end.




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