VIDEO: Top 10 Plays of Stephen Curry From The 2014-2015 Playoffs


He is the best shooter in the NBA today. There are children all around the world, this summer, trying to emulate every fall away, turnaround, and three point jumper that Stephen Curry has made this year. They will probably be unsuccessful doing so since Stephen Curry is in a world of his own when it comes to the game of basketball.

The 2015 MVP had a great postseason averaging 28.3 points per game along with 6.4 assists. Shooting 42% from three, which seems even a little low for his volume of shooting, he was able to make 98 three’s during postseason play shattering the old record of 58 set by Reggie Miller in 2000.

We can all try to emulate the game that Curry has, but we all know that his shooting will only improve as he continues to grow and strive to be the best shooter in NBA history. For now, enjoy these 2014-2015 post season highlights presented to you from the NBA.


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