VIDEO: Tobias Harris’ workout routine is no joke


When the Detroit Pistons acquired Tobias Harris before the trade deadline last season, the Pistons organization knew they were getting someone special, but his athletic talent seems to go a little bit unnoticed.

Well, after watching this video, you’ll see that Tobias Harris’ athletic ability is something unlike any other. Pairing him this season with players like Andre Drummond and Reggie Jackson will be fun to watch over a full NBA season.

At 24 years old, Tobias Harris provides some raw talent to the already young, talented, roster that they produce this season. He is versatile, athletic, and able to create shots in a way not too many other players of his size can.

Tobias Harris teamed up with to produce the video, and it looked like a strenuous day for Harris. As you can see in the video it all starts out with a breakfast in his home area of Long Island, NY. After a basketball workout for a few hours, he finishes off his workout with boxing. This is a different way to end a workout for most athletes. Athletes that require a lot of cardiovascular work, tend to start with a boxing or agility type of workout before they begin there true workout.

You can also see that Harris is doing a full body workout in the weight room. Follow this type of workout next time you are trying to improve your conditioning for basketball season.

For example you can do 2 workouts consisting of 3-5 sets with 10-12 reps for each body part. When it comes to conditioning, you want to keep your heart rate up, so minimal rest is best for maximum results. 30 seconds is the perfect amount.

Overall, this will keep your body’s heart rate up throughout the whole workout, which is like your heart rate on the basketball court for minutes at a time.

Being in the NBA is no joke, and it takes workouts like these just to be able to keep up with the norm. Next time you’re on the court, or in the weight room, try some of the things that you see Harris doing, it will pay off.


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