VIDEO: Steph Curry Gets Revenge On Matthew Dellavedova


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In Game 2 of the NBA Finals, Matthew Dellavedova was Steph Curry’s worst nightmare. Dellavedova broke screens on the perimeter and always had a hand in Curry’s face. When Dellavedova covered Curry, he was held to 0/8 from the three point line. The Cavaliers seemed to have found Steph Curry’s achilles heal. Dellavedova looked like a hero while Curry was negatively criticized in the media over being named the leagues MVP. Steph Curry focused and has played much better at the end of Game 3 and Games 4 and 5. Curry proved at the end of Game 5 that Dellavedova is no longer his achilles heal.

Steph Curry’s quick feet caught Matthew Dellavedova off balance. Curry changed directions three times and Dellavedova didn’t have the speed to catch up to him as he moved down the three point line. That three point shot put the Warriors up 10 with 2:45 left in the game. Curry ended Game 5 with 37 points shooting 7-13 from the three point line. 26 of those points where when he was covered by Matthew Dellavedova

The media attention Matthew Dellavedova received over his defense on Curry angered the Warriors. Curry crossing him up on the perimeter showed why Curry was named the leagues MVP. Ever since the fourth quarter of Game 3, Dellavedova hasn’t been the answer to stop Steph Curry. Revenge has been made.



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