VIDEO: Monta Ellis hits impressive game-winner vs. Bucks, but did he travel?


i-3Monta Ellis hit a controversial buzzer-beater to defeat the Bucks on Wednesday night. 

With 8.9 seconds left in the fourth quarter and the Dallas Mavericks tied at 105 apiece with the Milwaukee Bucks, Monta Ellis stood cautiously on the perimeter, waiting to attack Bucks guard O.J. Mayo and the Milwaukee defense.

Ellis, who had a brief stint with the Bucks earlier this decade, converted on a tough buzzer-beater over the outstretched arms of Mayo, who had played perfect defense for the entire possession. Bucks fans were vexed that the referees counted Ellis’ spectacular bucket, as many believed he traveled on the play. You be the judge:

Ellis may have traveled, but it’s still fair to marvel at his tough-shot making ability. That bucket looked like it didn’t have a chance, but it glided through the hoop and gave Dallas the win. Impressive stuff for a guy who played in an exhausting two overtime thriller with the Chicago Bulls the night before. 




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