VIDEO: LeBron James Is Still a Mythical Beast


Sweet mother of Jesus.

With all the hype around Steph Curry and his monster season for the Golden State Warriors, fans have moved their attention away from LeBron James for arguably the first time in The Kings career.

Apparently, LeBron is upset about that and took his frustrations out on the rim in the video above, driving past Washington Wizards wing Otto Porter Jr on his way to the shockingly easy two points.

I love Steph and think he’s as exciting a player as we’ve ever seen in the NBA, but a dunk like this really reminds you just how freakish LeBron is. Curry might have the best handle and shooting ability we’ve ever seen, but King James remains the top athlete to ever play the game and in reality, it isn’t very close.

R.I.P Otto, hopefully you learned your lesson- when in doubt, sag off LeBron and whatever you do, don’t contest him at the rim.



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