VIDEO: Lakers' Wesley Johnson dunks on Nuggets' Danilo Gallinari


iWes Johnson absolutely abused Gallinari

Not much has gone right for the Los Angeles Lakers this year. The Lakers are 3-11, they play historically bad defense and they are forced to watch superstar guard Kobe Bryant clank continuously on a nightly basis.

As a Lakers fan, it’s frustrating and hilarious to watch a barren roster led by an aged star try and compete against the best in the West. Kobe shots like these (with six seconds left on the shot clock,) are the most delightful because I’m not sure which end of the spectrum they fall on.

Despite all of the Lakers’ yucky-ness, high-flying swingman Wesley Johnson provided fans with a joyful moment on Sunday night when he dunked all over Nuggets’ forward Danilo Gallinari during the 4th quarter of the home loss. Check out Wes’ nastiness below:

Sadly, the momentum that this dunk brewed up eroded away in the form of Kobe isolation post-ups, and the Lakers lost 101-94. Still, it’s awesome to marvel at Wes’ freakish athletic ability, and plays like these make us Lakers fans wonder what could be if Johnson could do things like this on a consistent basis.



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