VIDEO: Jahlil Okafor scores 26 points in impressive debut


When we evaluate rookies, too often do we give them a pass because it’s their first season. The one game that all analysts give rookies a pass for is their very first time on the big stage. Jahlil Okafor had his moment on the big stage, but no ‘pass’ was needed.

Okafor was a monster last night posting a line of 26 points, 7 rebounds, and 2 blocks on 10 of 16 shooting from the field. The most impressive part of his game was the fact that he did not miss one free throw, going 6/6 from the line.

The one unfortunate stat was his turnovers, which was at 8. If you watched the game, it was mostly because he had the ball too far from the paint too often. He was forced to put the ball on the ground and that led to easy pickings for Marcus Smart and the rest of that great Boston defensive unit.

Just imagine what he would’ve done if Philly had a true point guard out there. More opportunities would be presented while giving Okafor the chance to solely sit in the post, where he operates best.

Jahlil was constantly double-teamed all night, but continued to get out of it and find the open man in the corner, who usually ended up being Hollis Thompson.

Jahlil Okafor had a terrific debut making 76ers fans very excited for the season while giving NBA fans another true big man to watch go to work in the post.


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