VIDEO: Clippers' Chris Paul pays tribute to 13-year-old fan who lost mother to cancer


i-2Chris Paul made a fans day with a touching tribute to his deceased mother.

13-year-old Jack’s Gallagher, a huge fan of Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul, lost his mother Lisa Gallagher to brain cancer several weeks ago. Following his mother’s death, Gallagher launched a very touching video on the NBA’s YouTube account, asking Paul to write L.E.G., his mothers initials, on one of his shoes during a game. Check out Gallagher’s message below:

Well, apparently Paul was moved by Gallagher’s message, as the Clippers point guard paid for Jack and his family to come out and watch Los Angeles take on the Detroit Pistons last Friday. Paul hung out with Jack before and after the game, and donned L.E.G., on his shoe. Paul finished with 23 points and 7 assists in the victory, but no statistic can measure the impact CP3 had on Gallagher and his family. 

What a fantastic moment for young Jack, who is surely still trying to cope with the death of his mother. It’s going to be tough for Jack to get over this tragedy, but Paul certainly did his best to soothe Jack’s soul. What an assist by one of the NBA’s best. 



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