VIDEO: Andrew Nicholson Scores Career-High 24 Points on 100% from field


Andrew Nicholson has had his fair share of struggles in his NBA career. After a promising rookie season, he was having trouble finding his place in this league with the amount of talent that was around him.

Well, Nicholson seems to have found his stride after last night. The big man out of St. Bonaventure University went a perfect 100% from the field going 9-9 and 3-3 from 3 point territory for a career high 24 points.

The Magic routed the Nets 139-105.

For Nicholson fans, it is encouraging to see that Nicholson has been improving his playing time over the past few games. The fact that the Magic are not going to make the playoffs is the main reason why Nicholson playing time has improved. Nicholson is averaging 9.7 points over the month of March with only scoring in a handful of those contests.

Lets hope we keep seeing more of Andrew on the floor because we know of his ability. The one factor that is holding him back from more playing time is the match-ups that aren’t in his favor.


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