VIDEO: Stephen Curry Dunks


Stephen Curry’s offensive game just got scarier. The three-point sniper can throw down. 

I’m as surprised as you are Curry didn’t stop for a pull-up three. Now on fast breaks defenses need to watch out for a drive or dunk. His ability to confuse defenses makes Golden State’s offense even more dynamic. 

This was a lazy mistake by Otto Porter. He looked wide open before Curry snuck behind Jared Dudley. In a game as quick as the NBA, if you don’t go to the basketball it will get stolen. Porter even slowed down on defense. His short hop at the end was a nervous jump. Film review won’t be fun. 

Curry’s 2.2 steals per game is a career high. If he gets nine more steals in the Warriors final eight games, he will break his season steals total of 163 which was set last season. 

The Warriors play the Utah Jazz on the road tonight. Since we will all watch the Warriors until the end, track Curry’s steals and watch out for more dunks. 


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