Usage and minutes should be a key focus for James and the Lakers

LeBron James Lakers

The new season is right around the corner and all of the new look teams are about to be introduced. The team on everyone’s radar is the Los Angeles Lakers who added LeBron James to their roster. Despite their youth, there are a lot of expectations on this team and a lot of that his due to James’s greatness. However, it’s important that the Lakers don’t become too reliant on the King himself.

President of the Lakers, Magic Johnson expressed this same sentiment in keeping the usage of James low.

The three-time champion has been very reminiscent of a super-hero. Not just in his play but more of in his ability to avoid injuries. In his 15th season, he played 82 total games and that’s something that’s rare in professional basketball.

Despite his ability to remain healthy, mileage has to be in the back of the mind of Lakers management. James’s body has suited him well and he takes more than great care of himself. However, it’s important that their cognisant of how much he’s playing and how much they’re using him.

Responsibility has to be placed on James as well. He’s used to taking control especially on the offensive end but he must trust his teammates and put the control on others at times. This team has a lot of playmakers that can create and initiate the offense. James has to be willing to play off the ball but also be patient. These kids are young and have a lot of learning to do. While he’s used to success, that success might not come too easy this year playing alongside guys who are still getting their feet wet in the league.

Expectations are high and I know James is used to success especially when you consider that he’s coming off of eight straight NBA Finals appearances. However, the Lakers can’t run him dry in hopes of getting to the promise land. The young core of the Lakers still has some sharpening that needs to take place before they’re ready to make that leap. Their time is coming but it’s also up to the organization of the Lakers to make sure that the King has enough in the tank when that time comes.


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