Uphill Battle: Jason Bady

Uphill Battle

Everybody knows that one kid from the YMCA. Someone that could hoop, but had yet to put it all together.

Basketball Society’s BJ Boyer is here to tell the story of Jason Bady, that kid from his YMCA on Airport Road in West Chester, Pa.

Bady went from averaging two points per game as a freshman at York College of Pennsylvania to becoming a D-3 All-American averaging 18 points per game.

Bady had always shown flashes of brilliance both offensively and defensively but failed to breakthrough at the high school level due to a number of reasons, one of which includes, being “slighted,” as described by Bady himself.

Photo Credit: Alex Fischbein

After his time at Henderson High School, Bady found himself at York College, preparing to play for the Spartans. In his first three years at York, he was forced to take a backseat offensively as three of his teammates were 1,000-point scorers, respectively.

His senior year at York, Bady averaged a career-high 18.4 points per game along with 7.6 rebounds and 1.5 steals every contest. He powered the Spartans to a 22-8 record led one of their most exhilarating basketball campaigns of the decade.

Bady was named an NABC All-American and made the NABC Reese’s Senior All-Star Game.

Once his basketball tenure with the Spartans was up, Bady quickly learned how challenging making it in the realm of professional basketball can be, and another uphill battle almost immediately ensued.

Uphill Battle
Photo Credit: Martin Soaries

Jason Bady’s story teaches that if you continue to pump your spirit with belief while remaining grounded and diligent in your work, the results will often be favorable.

No matter what walk of life, many people feel as if they’re currently embroiled in an uphill battle. Whether you’re a student, parent, writer, clerk, teacher or doctor everyone experiences friction in life that prevents them from getting to where they want to be.

One day Jason will look back on his numerous uphill battles with nothing but genuine satisfaction, and it was a pleasure for Basketball Society to be able to tell that story, in hopes of inspiring others.

Check out the full interview with Jason below.


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