Tyronn Lue Strikes Back on the 14th Anniversary of the Allen Iverson “Step Over”


Yesterday, June 6th, 2015, marked the 14th anniversary of the infamous Allen Iverson “Step Over.” In Game 1 of the 2001 NBA Finals, Tyronn Lue fell victim to Iverson’s greatness. He began to drive baseline but stopped on a dime, pulled the ball back and hit the jumper. Tyronn did his best to defend and contest the jumper, but great offense beats good defense every time, and Iverson was the better man on that particular play.

What stands out most is what A.I. did after he sunk the shot. Lue fell to the ground after contesting the jumper and Iverson took it amongst himself to pull off one of the most disrespectful moves ever. He walked over Tyronn Lue while staring at him which daunted it as one of the most memorable moments of the NBA Finals.

Social media had fun with the particular play, as it was posted and retweeted all over twitter and instagram, including posts from the NBA and NBA.com. However, the Philadelphia 76ers seemed to have the most fun, posting a collage of the shot of Iverson walking over Lue.

iverson lue

Even though Tyronn Lue seemed to be on the wrong side of history in this particular situation, he still got the last laugh in the end. The Los Angeles Lakers went on to beat the Philadelphia 76ers in that series 4-1. Although everyone likes to harp on that particular moment, Tyronn Lue wanted to remind people of what happened a few days later.


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