Karl-Anthony Towns, “I’d Love to Play with Kobe”


karl-anthony towns

Karl-Anthony Towns is projected as the number one overall draft pick according to Chad Ford’s Big Board which would have him drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves. As we know from previous years, the unexpected can happen in the draft, and with recent reports of Minnesota considering Emmanuel Mudiay, that could leave Towns available at the #2 slot for the Los Angeles Lakers.

TMZ sports spotted the draft prospect out at lunch with Lakers’ future star and former Kentucky Wildcat alumni, Julius Randle. What could be viewed as a recruiting session, Towns and Randle both suggested it was nothing more than lunch.

Lakers star, Kobe Bryant has gotten a bad wrap as a teammate; whether it was the video of him getting on his teammates during practice or Jared Dudley talking about how no one wants to play with him. However, whatever the case may be, Towns didn’t seem bothered by it, stating he would definitely play with Kobe.

That’s a legend. Of course everyone wants to play with a legend.

Towns, when asked if he’s worried about Kobe’s tough judgement on teammates.

No, that’s what we gotta do to win a championship.

Even though Karl-Anthony Towns didn’t state where he specifically wanted to get drafted, he let TMZ know that he didn’t mind playing alongside Kobe Bryant. He spoke highly of Bryant and didn’t seem too bothered by the demanding personality of the future hall-of-famer. I’m sure many fans of the Lake Show, including myself, would not mind seeing Towns in a purple and gold uniform next year. He’s a big body in the paint and a very versatile player on both sides of the ball. Let’s see what occurs on the night of June 25th.


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