Two of a Kind – Mike Krzyzewski and Geno Auriemma


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Coach Mike Krzyzewski has just earned another championship to add to his collection by beating the Wisconsin Badgers in the National Title game this week. The win means number five for the head coach of the Blue Devils and It doesn’t look like he’s looking to slow up. Coach K made his way up the ranks beginning his coaching career as an assistant under the great Bob Knight. Two guys with complete opposite coaching styles have a great friendship and mutual respect for each other and Knight has had nothing but great things to say about Coach K.

“It’s a remarkable accomplishment to win as many games as Mike has as a coach,” Bob Knight said in a statement. “However, being able to coach as well as he has for as many years as he has is even more remarkable.”

Players congratulate Duke and Coach K. on his fifth championship via social media:

Coach K’s legacy is mostly praised from his tenure at Duke University. Even though he’s the second most winningest college coach in the history of the game, in my opinion, it’s about more than the wins. Mike Krzyzewski has had an impact in every person’s life that he’s come in contact with. He’s one of the most beloved coaches in the game of basketball and that goes to his character and the way he carries himself. In the game today, it’s important to have coaches that don’t just have an affect on the court but off the court as well. It’s great to be a good coach but it’s even better when you can make someone a better person off the court and Mike Krzyzewski has that ability.

Jay Williams

Elton Brand

J.J. Reddick

Christian LaettnerJohnny Dawkins

Grant Hill

Shane BattierDanny Ferry

Bobby Hurley

Kyrie IrvingJabari Parker

Luol Deng

A list of some of the best players that Coach K has coached.


Geno Auriemma

Geno Auriemma is one of the most achieved coaches that basketball has seen. The Italian-born coach started his career as an assistant at three different schools. After receiving his first head coaching job in 1985, Geno has done nothing but win games year in and year out.


A list of the results of Connecticut’s seasons under Auriemma not including 2015 in which they went 38-1 and won a National Title.

It’s hard to ignore the greatness that Coach Auriemma and his staff has been able to accomplish over the years. His first season at Connecticut was his only losing season and he gradually built from there. He and his team have had five undefeated seasons to go along with 90 and 70-game win streaks — oh yeah, and add 10 championships on top of that. Geno is in the discussion of the best coaches of all time in all of sports. I always feel like he gets left out of the conversation and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because he coaches women’s basketball, but even if that’s the argument, that’s not an excuse. His resume is immaculate and unblemished and he deserves all the accolades he’s received. The UConn Huskies women’s basketball program is a dynasty as long as Geno is there and he has turned that program to one of the best ever — right at the top with what John Wooden built in UCLA.


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