Timberwolves’ Derrick Rose still uses a Blackberry phone


Chicago supports their own, apparently. Last week, future NBA Hall of Famer, Kevin Garnett spoke glowingly about the chances of Derrick Rose starting at poing guard for the Minnesota Timberwolves this season.

“I would,” KG told me last week.

“He’s more crafty now than ever in the pick-and-roll.  He’s able to get shots for guys and he’s able to knock shots down, so yeah, I would.”

If you’re tardy to the party, multiple ACL and MCL injuries changed the trajectory of Rose’s career. The youngest player to win the NBA’s MVP award back in 2011, Rose was part of a few Bulls playoff runs and the South side Chicago native was the king of his castle. Rose shot 50.9% from the field and 70% from downtown off the bench in the Timberwolves’ five-game playoff run last season.

Off the court, he’s just as unique. Check this out: Derrick Rose is still using a Blackberry Phone.

Chicago rapper, The Boy Illinois who Forbes Magazine’s Adrienne Gibbs, pegs as a rising lyricist in the Windy City, reposted an old tweet about it, this afternoon.

In a day and age where many are iphone and Android users, Derrick Rose still uses a Blackberry?  “I love the keyboard for one,” Rose said in an interview last season.

“I’ve always been a Blackberry guy. I don’t know, it’s different, bro. I’m tired of the iphone, I’m tired of the gimmicks. So, that’s the reason why.”

After reaching out to The Boy Illinois, this afternoon, I learned that he recently developed a partnership with Blackberry, too. They’re still using Blackerry phones?

“He inspired me because of his down to Earth vibe,” The Boy Illinois said of Derrick Rose. “That allows him to be so relatable. And I wanted to get physical keys again on my phone. Once I saw the vido, that was the ultimate confirmation for me.”

Added The Boy Illinois:

“Derrick Rose is a hometown guy here. He means a ton to the city. He inspires a lot of young men in the city to do and be better.”

Meanwhile, on the basketball court, Rose gets the nod from former Bull, Jamal Crawford.  “His athleticism is still there,” Crawford told me on the Scoop B Radio Podcast.

“He’s still as fast as any guard out there. He would have some practices where he’d just dominate and get to the lane at will, hit shots, hit mid-range shots and floaters, all the reasons people love him. And he can do all those things. He would just run back so nonchalant, like I could do this whenever I want. He didn’t say that, but his play was so easy for him, so I think that’s something he’s going to show more this year and people will be pleasantly surprised.”

He also gets the seal of approval from the Charlotte Hornets’ Kemba Walker as well. “He’s a great player, I’m a huge D-Rose fan,” raved Walker.

Man, I’m a huge, huge Derrick Rose fan, and I’m happy to see him playing.”





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