Thunder Beat Mavericks On a Historic Level


The Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Mavericks 108-70 for their largest postseason victory in franchise history. It was the second largest playoff loss in franchise history for the Mavericks. The largest was a 43-point playoff loss way back in 1984.

The game was just too easy for a guy like the Slim Reaper Kevin Durant when the best small forward on the Mavericks roster, Chandler Parsons, is out with a season-ending knee injury. Westbrook matched Durant’s 23 points with 24 of his own, and even more importantly, had himself a good scoring day inside the painted area.

What did the Mavericks do to lose?

For the Mavericks, when a guy like Dirk Nowitzki is really the only guy who showed up for you on offense, you are going to lose the games every single time you come to play. He was the only player on the roster who had double digit points. The next leading scorer, Dwight Powell, had 8 points, but most of those came in garbage minutes. It was over from the start for the Mavericks.

Can Oklahoma City Sweep?

If they are able to play the defense they played last night through this whole series, there is no doubt in my mind they can sweep. The Thunder didn’t trap anyone on the defensive end, forcing the Mavericks to beat them with individual talent, and that spells disaster for Dallas. This roster for the Mavericks just does not set up well versus Oklahoma City. They didn’t start rookie Justin Anderson and slid in J.J. Barea at the two guard for some more offense. The decision though, proved to not be successful as Barea and Deron Williams were not on their games and combined for an ugly 2-15 from the field.

The guard position is what is lacking for the Mavericks right now and that is what is thriving for the Thunder. Russell Westbrook already had a field day with the Mavericks guards, and do not be surprised when he keeps it up throughout the whole series.

The Thunder have to keep the consistent defense up because the Mavericks will not be this cold every game. If the Mavericks guards are able to step up offensively, while letting Nowitzki go to work, they have a chance to get back on track.

With the fire power of Oklahoma City right now, and a statement to prove to the rest of the league that they belong in the Finals, it may be just too much firepower for the Mavericks to handle.


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