The Passing Game, Vol. 23: Cavs, Diaw, Rondo


Welcome to The Passing Game, where we simply take time to glorify the dimes being thrown all around us.

A few great passes from around the NBA last night. 

The Cavs had a great passing sequence here with Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving.

Irving and Love worked nice give-and-go action and Irving dumped the extra pass to Tristan Thompson for a dunk. Great use of the pass because the ball only touched the ground on the two bounce passes.

Next up is Boris to Boban.

Pretty much your typical post entry pass but don’t underestimate how few people can make an entry with this accuracy. Sure, Boban is a ginormous target for Diaw as he seals Cousins, but the pass is still a thing of beauty.

Then, the league’s leading assist man.

Rondo’s presence of mind turned this play into a pass.


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