The Passing Game, Vol. 22: Just another night at Oracle


Welcome to The Passing Game, where we simply take time to glorify the dimes being thrown all around us.

This volume is solely dedicated to the defending champs and the best passing team in basketball. As they do just about every game, averaging a league-best 29 assists per game, the Warriors put on a passing display last night against the Oklahoma City Thunder at Oracle Arena.

How about this sequence started by Andrew Bogut.

They push with the pass and they move for each other. 

Then there’s this.

Steph makes a beautiful read and whips a left-handed pass to the looping Iggy, who makes the extra dump-off pass to Barnes for a dunk. Dion Waiters is lost on the back side and the Thunder are too slow for the passing game on this play.

And one of the 33 Warriors assists last night was a touchdown from Mo Speights.

It’s the presence of mind of this team to pass and move and keep passing and keep moving until the right shot presents itself. The Warriors are lethal because all of their players can pass the ball, and it’s arguably their most lethal quality.


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