VIDEO: Marcus Posley Drops 47 Points in must-win game for St. Bonaventure


With NCAA tournament implications on the line, Marcus Posley knew he would have to step up in the must win game for the Bonnies. He knew that when they played St. Joesph’s earlier in the year down in Philadelphia, Jaylen Adams was the one who took over the game with 31 points.

Coach Phil Martelli was going to do everything he could to shut down Jaylen Adams, but he forgot about senior guard Marcus Posley. Posley scored 47 points on 15-19 from the field and 6-7 from 3 point land. This could go down as one of the best performances in college basketball, as he ties the most in Division 1 this year and does it in efficient fashion. 

From Yahoo! Sports:

“Going into the game, I think they were trying to take away Jaylen a little too much,” Posley told Yahoo Sports. “He had the hot hand against them when we played in Philadelphia. That put me in position where I had a lot of 1-on-1 options, and I was able to take advantage of it.”

“This was a big win, but we have to have the mindset that we need to keep winning,” Posley said. “We never feel like we’ve done enough. Being at Bonaventure, you have to demand respect. Nothing is going to be handed to us.”

Posley is right. Being the 3rd smallest school in division one, everyone writes off the Bonnies thinking they can’t get it done with how small the school is and just not enough talent on the floor. Well the talent is there as the team ranks in the top 30 nationally on offense, and has the highest scoring trio in the country. 

Well the Bonnies have answered. With 13 wins in conference, 21-7 overall, 3 wins vs the Top 25, and an ESPN RPI of 29, the Bonnies are looking (for the moment) tournament bound for the second time in 5 years.

 The last time the Bonnies made the tournament was 2012 when they were lead by now Orlando Magic player, Andrew Nicholson. The Bonnies still have work to do as the travel to St. Louis for the final regular season game of the year before they travel to Brooklyn for the Atlantic 10 tournament. From there, it’s anyone’s game. 



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