Terance Mann Scouting Report

Terance Mann

School: Florida State

Year: Senior

Height/Weight: 6’7″ 210 lbs.



Terance Mann is an exceptional scorer at the rim; learning how to contort his body over the years in Tallahassee to virtually become an endless scorer at the rim with a solid quick first step. Has the potential to become a high level slasher at the next level with his finishing ability. He’s got solid size for his position at 6’7″ and is constantly able to post up smaller defenders.

He showcases an explosive step when finishing at the rim and can dunk on your head if you are not careful.

Scoring on the move is something he has become accustom to and he constantly puts his shooting ability on display. He finishes through contact when he has the ball and then when he doesn’t, he’s attacking the offensive glass.

Mann has shown a jump defensively in a mental aspect, understanding when he should exert more energy and understanding how to conserve it as well. That mental aspect has also assisted his free throw shot where he is well improved. Just another positive sign of the potential Mann possesses.

NBA front offices will be confident in giving Mann a shot as he has taken a step back in terms of shooting the ball to help his Seminoles team become a well balanced team. His IQ has improved and he has proven to lead at times defensively. In more space, Mann can become a lot more efficient and effective.



Mann has to become a much improved three point shooter at the next level if he expects to elevate his game. An overtime win against Louisville is the only time Mann posted a positive night behind the arc. A small sample size included with a lack of confidence when shooting does not bid in favor to Mann.

Mann has had a decline in his offense with the Seminoles playing 11 players as they can venture to the hot hand. Mann as a senior can sometimes overthink his contributions and try to involve his teammates when he should force himself to the rim to score and/or draw a foul. He must get more assertive if he plans on progressing in the association.

He must become a more efficient ball handler if he will be able to get past NBA defenders to show off his above average finishing ability. We talked about leading on the defensive end, but we don’t see him doing that as much on the offensive side as he’s more laid back this year. Trent Forrest seems to be the go to guy down the stretch of games for Florida State while Mann disappears.


Future Outlook

Terance Mann is an efficient playmaker that can score in traffic and has the ability to become an elite playmaker at the in between game. He must become a better three point shooter if he plans on showing an NBA team that he can be a reliable second round pick. For now, I have him right around that 70th spot on my big board, but a solid performance at the Combine (if invited) could change things.


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