2019 March Madness Contest Standings

2019 March Madness

Again, we want to thank you to everyone once again who has participated in our 2019 March Madness contest! As we promised, we’ll be revealing an updating standings for the contest after each round.

Even with us having only reached the Final Four, we now have our top 3 set and finalized!

Our top 3 all have Auburn left and while Charles and Connie could both potentially get 2 wins from Texas Tech, Zack would still have the tiebreaker to get him first place.

(Remember each win provides you with the following points; 3 points to the 11-16 seeds, 2 to the 8-10 seeds, 2 to the 5-7 seeds, 1 to the 3-4 seeds, and 1 to the 1-2 seeds)

Thank you again to everyone who participated this year and congrats to our winners!


  1. Zack Smith – 22 points (Zion Williamson – 104, RJ Barrett – 81)
  2. Charles McDonald – 20 points (Zion Williamson – 104, Dedric Lawson – 50)
  3. Connie Black – 20 points (Ja Morant – 45)

(The players in parentheses are in order of the tiebreaker that was written down.)


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