VIDEO: Stephen Curry drops 44 points and 7 assists to help Warriors beat Raptors


Coming into this came, GM Masai Ujiri was asked the key to success against this Golden State team, and his answer was priceless:

I’m not sure which god he prayed to, but the Raptors came up short losing to the now 21-0 Golden State Warriors, 109-112.

The Raptors put a great fight, battling to the very last whistle. Kyle Lowry led his squad with a career night of 41 points and 7 assists. However, Chef Curry was just too damn good.

Stephen Curry pretty much matched Lowry’s numbers with a just a few more buckets as he had 44 points and 7 assists for the night on 9-for-15 shooting behind the three-point line. He pretty much got whatever he wanted from the field and made it look easy as he normally does.

This Golden State locomotive is now 21-0 and doesn’t seem to be making any stops soon. We are still searching for that team that’s going to be able to end this record-breaking streak and we haven’t found them yet. If you have the answers, the rest of the NBA would like to know.


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